Wednesday, 26 October 2011

What's happening with TPR?

TPR has had a busy couple of months - and as a result, this has been a disappointing blog. Indeed, it hasn't been a blog at all. So, what can you expect from TPR in the future?

When I first started the blog, I was hugely flattered by the reception we received. The viewing numbers were better than expected, and the opportunity to write for Huffington Post and Conservative Home, amongst others, was a great thrill. However, time simply no longer allowed to levels of reading and commitment the blog took.

So, what are we to do with TPR? From time to time, I will continue to review books, articles and make recommendations - all the things we did that brought you hear in the first place. However, from hereon in the main thing this blog will be doing is putting all that political reading into use through comment pieces. 

Whether it's discussing morality, the welfare state, how to solve the European crisis, we'll be commenting on it here on TPR. And also recommending more books and TV programmes on politics and much more besides, passing opinion on them all.

Remember to follow us on Twitter (@PoliticalReader) from which we will now be tweeting and re-tweeting much more, and highlighting the best of this and other blogs.

Fewer books. More politics. The future of TPR.

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