What is The Political Reader?

The political reader aims to be the number one resource for reviews and recommendations of contemporary and classic political books.

We launched on July 3rd 2011 with the following features in mind:
  • Sunday Review - Every Sunday, we'll be publishing an in-depth review of our book of the week. Often featuring one of the most enlightening texts currently available on a topic, TPR will be casting a critical eye over the book and highlighting some of the key things we can learn from it. Why not buy the book and read along with TPR to join in the debate?
  • TPR Recommends - This section is dedicated to highlighting some of the best books out their on a certain topic. Want to know more about Britain's coalition government, President Barack Obama, The Thatcher Years or class in 21st Century Britain? This section will recommend them all!
  • TPR's Afternoon Read - Along with the feature pieces published every Sunday, this section is committed to short books and essays, on topics related to politics, that you could read in an hour or an afternoon. These reviews will be short but will give an insight into whether it's worth setting aside an afternoon for a short read.
  • TPR's Classics - Politics, whilst being the most dynamic humanity, has a classic body of political works. Read some insights into political classics here - everything from Rousseau to Kant and John Rawls. A snappy education in some great political classics.
  • Guest Slots - TPR is always welcoming of guest contributions that we plan to feature from time-to-time. Want to write for ThePoliticalReader.com? Drop us a message: thereader@thepoliticalreader.com

... and much more besides!

Be sure to bookmark www.ThePoliticalReader.com and check back for the best reviews and recommendations of political books there is.

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